A conversation with Nana, from Japan

Hi Ferd, I just need your help to comfort me.

I have been kind of sick on and off as symptom of cold, but it didn't get better even taking antibiotics. A lot of different pain on my some parts of my body and strong pain on my stomach.

I just went to the doctor and had my urine checked and it showed I seemed to have a hepatitis. I took a blood test and I will know the detail on 13th ...I know what to do that praying to GOD, but I feel guilty to talk to God as I am not readying, praying, and spending a time with him for so long. I started to not to read because I felt pain if I think about my past ... I mean, I was spending time when I had pain emotionally and physically, so those action remind me that I am still sick even I am not ... I know this is a terrible excuse but this is really true. Now I am scared to think I am sick and God will accept me as before ... I was away and so selfish and ... I even think that I am sick because I am a terrible person now ... I am scared to know the result and I don't know what to think and how to stay strong, ...



Dear Nana, do not feel guilty. That is the Devil talking to you, not Jesus. Jesus loves you and always will. So just say, "Jesus, forgive me for thinking that you are not with me. Help me now. Ferd and I will pray together and I know the answer will be positive, for I trust in you."

Now we will pray.

Dear Father, in the name of Jesus, Nana and I come to you for complete healing. 1 Peter 2:24 says that by your strips Nana is healed. We claim that healing now for Nana. Thank you Jesus and we are expecting a good report. Your loving children in Christ, Nana and Ferd. Amen

Nana, do not fear. Bro Ferd


Dear Ferd, thank you for praying with me. I went to the doctor and my blood test shows nothing serious and I am very fine. Praise GOD. My urine test still shows the reaction of hepatitis and the doctor don't know why, but my blood is ok. I may have to check up time to time, but I am fine now. My symptoms of cold and pains are wearing off and I can start eat normally. Ferd, yesterday before I went to the doctor, I was covered with warmth suddenly while lying down on the bed. I felt God and God children's love all over me while listening a bible. It was so warm that I just felt so happiness inside of me that I am back to GOD! I was totally forgot how comfortable this place is. This was a really wake up call for me to be with him again! As I think about GOD since yesterday, my heart filled with so much love and happiness inside of me. Just thinking about his words makes me so happy.Thank you Ferd! Always be for me like other sisters and brothers! love in Christ, Nana.

Dear Nana, glad you are back home with Jesus where you belong. The warmth was the Holy Spirit coming over you. That was the answer to our prayer. God Bless and keep you and the children. In Christ, Ferd

You are never too far from Jesus to get back ... 2jesus

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