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From: Chris

A couple of summers ago, my 4 year old grand daughter went sailing for the first time. I was in a hurry to get to the boat. I'd forgotten to slow down for my grand daughter. Skylar was busy peering into the water below to look at the fishes swimming by the dock. Wait for me, Skylar said.

So to are we so busy with our lives. We don't take time to take in the beauty that's around us. We want what we want now! I was in a hurry and it took my 4 year old Skylar to remind me to slow down. The little things in life we sometimes tend to ignore.

I paused for a bit and looked at the fishes swimming under and around the dock. To make my little one happy before, we headed off for the boat. How often we rush through life and never slow down to enjoy the tender moments with our loved ones.

As I grow older and realize just how important time is, I say a little prayer. Dear Lord, let me make the most out of each day you give me. Let me have faith in you. Let me pray not for my wants but, for my needs.

I wish, my faith was that of a child. To be all trusting in our creator. Let me not be consumed by material goods today but, in the simple things in life and to know that, God will take care of my needs.


Let us walk through life. Not run ... 2jesus

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