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From: John Atakiel, Nigeria

Dear Saint of God,

Greetings to you and Ben, in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank Him for His grace and mercy He as given unto us through the father our soon coming king. I thank you for being the way, the truth, and the life to people in your surrounding's and giving the bread of life to those around you, and the water of life. we encourage you to press ever deeper in the relation with the father.

I thank God for you using you as a healing channel to my father, he is back on his feet, through your prayers and faith that confirm the healing hand of God upon his life, he has been delivered from the satanic bondage, he was an idol worshiper, I had preached to him for severe times, but his heart were harden to believe the salvation of Christ, until the Lord touched and revealed Himself unto him to realize that the god's he were serving were a dead god's and his healing forth were made by God our father, he embrace the Lord and accepted Him as the Lord of his life. And he is now fellowship with us in Victory Baptist Church.

I thank God for His grace given us in Christ Jesus, and for the shedding of blood to bring us to the father, in Christ our united strength and ideals are exchanged for His unlimited realm in the supernatural, lives are changing into the image of God, we are real developing on Bible teaching, deep thanks of God toward's our conference and of His manifestation of healing engrafted word, that mightily bless and changes lives, renewal of faith of the Christians, and turning of heart to Christ, our vibrant messages make a changes to many heart and many turn away from their sins, and wickedness. Deliverance took place in the lives of eight sisters that possessed with evil spirits, they made an open confession which touched many lives to believe and accept the salvation of Christ, and to serve Him with all the heart. The sisters testified the goodness of the Lord, and how they were possessed by the demonic spirits, that were an operation and strategies to inflict sickness and diseases in the lives of people so that they would sick to death, broken homes, and creating problems with satanic charms, and they said they where sent to our conference to destroy and cause confusion in the mist of our brethren, so as for the conference to vandalize and disrupt. However the Lord arrested their life and they fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and deliverance was proclaimed, I thank God for His mighty move in the conference and for the lives that where converted unto His kingdom.

Beloved, I kindly plead with you to send us one Giant Print reference study bible for my father that is under old age for him to study the word of God to improved his faith and spiritually and keep on the relationship with the Father, and I will be also grateful if you would send eight Gift and award bibles to share for these sisters who are strongly thirsty after God, and His righteousness, which will keep them growing in the faith and know more about His perfect thought to mankind, please this need is urgent to help these converts get established in the Godly life and hold steadfast to their faith and the power of the darkness cannot hold them back. Please try to send them through Air-mail for the quick arrival for the urgent use.

May your be strengthen be renewed day by day. May your Holy Spirit, give you a heart to always stay close. To fill you with His wisdom and comfort as you ministers to many people. Protect you from the attacks of the enemy and fill you with His grace and power in Jesus name. Amen.

Love and hugs,

Evang, John Atakiel

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Thank you ... 2jesus

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