By: Bob Parks

It is the message of your life. An expression of the choices you have made for living. It is the introduction played whenever you meet someone new, but at the same time the old familiar song that your best friends know as "you."

It is the words that you say when you know someone is listening, but the sound that is heard when you think you are alone. It is the way that you present yourself whenever you appear and the steps that you take every time you walk away.

It is the fragrance that you bring to life and the essence of your memory. It is the music that you dance to and the theme of days gone by.

It is the opening song for your tomorrows that brighten up the view. But it is the way that they will remember you when all that's left is remembering.

It is the first thing that they hear whenever they see your face. It is a treasured, haunting melody whenever you are gone.

It is the sound that the world makes because you are in it. It is part of the harmony of a billion voices that echo through the heavens.

It is the rhythm that your heart beats every minute of the day. It is the pace set for you long before you were born and one, at times, you struggled with when life tried to slow you down.

Sometimes it is a solo played without mistake as the world seems to stop and take notice of the uniqueness that is you.

But the best of all that you can give is when, without need for recognition and praise, you join with others as a part of the symphony.

It is your anthem.

Bob Perks

Anyone who can do that has to be full of Jesus ... 2jesus

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